Coke Has a pH Rating One Point Higher Than Battery Acid! Here Are 9 Industrial Uses For Coke

Coca-Cola has made its way to the top, and today it’s the most popular drink in the world. Actually, the most popular ‘soft-drink.’

Coca-Cola is ‘the most’ in lots of aspects, and it is the most acidic drink that people drink every day!

How bad is that?

Dr. Terri Winn says that Coca-Cola has 2.5pH value, and Pepsi is the one soft drink that is more acidic than the world’s favorite beverage.

Here is a brief explanation on the subject. Water is a neutral element, and its pH is 7.

For example, battery acid has a pH value of 1, and if consumed,it has very destructive effect. A pH value of 1 indicates that the substance/liquid is very acidic. This is just a small example of the fact that Coca-Cola is very close to battery acid when considering pH valuesand that is absolutely awful.

Apart from being closer to battery acid than water, soft drinks are usually associated with respiratory disorders such as asthma. Over consuming these drinks can cause many other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases too.

So, if you are drinking 1-2 cans of soft drink on your way to school or atwork, you can have a 26% higher risk of developing diabetes. Also you have a 75% higher risk of developing gout and a 20% higher risk of sudden heart attack. This does not apply to individuals who don’t consume soft drinks frequently.

If this is not enough for you to make you stop drinking Coca-Cola, here are some more facts. We warn you, it’s not something you want to know, especially if you are a fan of Coke.

9 Industrial cleaning uses of Coke

Even though Coca-Cola damages your health in a very badway, that does not mean it’s bad in every other aspects. Speaking of cleaning, Coca-Cola is an amazing cleaning agent which is also very effective, probably because of its high acidity.

When it comes to cleanliness it can do magic and its power extends from eliminating rust to cleaning nasty oil stains.

It might not be the best drink to satiateyou, but it sure helps in the house. Here are some useful tips on how to use Coke and clean up your household.

  1. Coca-Cola and aluminum can help in removing polishing chrome and rust.

  1. Old pennies can be shiny if soaked in Coca-Cola.
  2. It’s time for your toilet. Pour one can of Coke inside the bowl and let it do its magic. After several minutes, flush.

  1. Hate those burn pots? So do we. Try to pour some Coke in your dirty pots and then rinse off with water and wipe clean. Like it now?
  2. It works well on the porcelain, too. Remove any stains from other ceramics as well.
  3. Need to clean up the garage? Oil stains look terribly on the garage floor, so try using Coca-Cola for this too. Let it soak well into the stain, and then wash it off with a hose.

  1. Soak aluminum foil, a sponge or a fabric in Coke in order to remove any rust.

  1. Soak a cloth in Coke and then rub the paint off your metal furniture. Let it stay on the surface of the furniture for a while.
  2. Coca-Cola cleans your engine almost immediately.