Drink Bananas and Cinnamon One Hour before Bedtime and See What Will Happen! Incredible! (RECIPE)

Everyone should know how important a good night`s sleep is, because it’s a basic factor for healthy body. Sleep deficiency can lead to sickness, hypertension, nervousness, weakness, depression or low energy during the day.

While a good night`s sleep will purify your brain, refresh your body, improve your concentration and provide the energy you need during the day. While you sleep your brain has enough time to energize and process the everyday activities.

Poor sleep is usually causedby poor eating habits, lack of minerals,bad way of life, or anxiety.

Some recent researchesshow that around 50-70 million people in America suffer from sleep deficiency and sleeping disorders.

Luckily, this problem has a natural solution. Specifically, consuming bananas and cinnamon tea before going to bed can be very beneficial.


They are rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium and they are able to improve the quality of sleep. These minerals help the veins and muscles to unwind and remove or lower the negative influence of the excess of cortisol.


Cinnamon offers a lot of healthy benefits. It relieves and relaxes the body with its nice aromaand flavor. This spice is very helpful for digestion too.

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 liter/ 0.2 gall of water

Method of Preparation:

Cut the endsof the banana. Put the banana in a bowl of water.

Boil the mixture for approximately 10 minutes.

When it’s done, strain the liquid into a cup or a glass.

Now, add the cinnamon in it.

One hour before going to bed you should drink this delicious potion.


SOURCE: www.healthyfoodusa.com