Hair Dyes Are Filled With 500 Types of Cancer-Causing Chemicals! Use This Instead

British scientists warned women that all the hair dyes they regularly use include chemicals that cause cancer. Additionally, they claim that the same risk to health is posed by both, permanent dyes used at salons and home hair coloring kits.

Specifically, these damaging chemicals in hair dyes may react with air pollutants, like tobacco smoke, and create one of the most powerful cancerous compounds.

Furthermore, scientists claim that the risk is measured as over a third of women and 1 in 10 men who frequently color their hair. However, the cosmetic industry strongly opposes to these proofs.

Namely, this warning came from the team of researchers at a company “Green Chemicals” in Leeds. They led a research and reviewed the chemistry near hair dye. According to those researchers, the information that they published was readily available, and they discovered the relation of these chemicals to cancer.

These scientists that chemicals also known as secondary amines, found or formed in all of the types of permanent hair dyes can deeply enter the skin and stay on the hair for several weeks, months or years after the dyeis applicated.

They could further on react with tobacco smoke or exhaust fumes and create toxic chemicals known as N-nitrosamines. However, they believe that they can be generated using a simple chemical reaction.

Previously, hair dye was related to numerous types of cancer, such as anovaries, brain, breast and bladder cancer, and leukemia too.

These scientists in Leeds ,furthermore, fear that the number of individuals whoare becoming allergic to the contents of hair dye will grow even more, which can end fatally.

As a substitute, brunettes can use some simple tricks and naturally gain the desired color. This effect can be achieved by using coffee. Also, this dying procedure will stimulate the hair growth.

A study published in January 2007 with a topic by the International Journal of Dermatology, confirmed that coffee stimulates hair growth.

  • How to use coffee to naturally dye your hair:

If it’s possible, try to find some organic coffee, like espresso, as in most cases, non- organic coffee contains added chemicals. Let the coffee to cool down. Then, mix two cups of some natural leave- in conditioner with 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, and add the mixture to the cup of cold brewed coffee.

Then, apply the mixture on your hair, and leave it to act for around one hour. Afterward, wash your hair like you normally do. You will get an incredible chocolate hair color, and it won’t be damaged at all.

  • Simple Coffee Rinse

First, wash your hair with your shampoo. Then, pour coffee over the hair, and leave it for around 20 minutes. Next, rinse the coffee out with some apple cider vinegar. In the end, rinse it off once again, but this time, use just warm water.

You can repeat this method for several days in a row until you get the desired results. This will also help the coffee to penetrate profoundly into the hair strands.