How To Lower Fever In Your Child In Just 5 Minutes Without Any Medications

According to some studies, if your child is healthy, you don’t need to worry about the fever because its organism that fights against infection which causes the disease. You can make several things so as to reduce the fever of your kid. If the fever lasts longer than couple of days, then you should take your child to the doctor.

Here are some tips how to reduce your kid’s fever in only 5 minutes:

  • Keep the child in a cool place
  • Brandy water – use a cup of brandy and dilute it with water. Soak a gauze in this solution and place it in its socks.
  • Grated potatoes – peel and grate the potatoes. Then place them in the kid’s socks.
  • Remove layers of clothing – your kid will can reduce the heat through the skin. The child should wear light layers of cloth. If it shivers you should use some light blanket and cover it.
  • Use a lukewarm bath or sponge bath. The water evaporates through the skin your child will lose heat. It is not advisable to use cold water since it could cause the kid to shiver and can increase the body temperature.
  • The kid needs to drink plenty of fluids and eat chilled foods such as yogurt and ice pops which will refresh the body from the inside and in the same time will maintain the organism hydrated.
  • Use a fan – set it at low power and leave it to circulate the air in the room, and then blow directly at the kid.
  • On the kid’s forehead apply a damp and cool washcloth.

If the child is younger than 3 months and has fever, you should take it immediately to the doctor.If the temperature is 101 degrees F or more, you must call or go to the doctor. For 6 months old babies you must call the doctor if the temperature is 102 degrees F. Also, if you notice some purple spots on its skin or difficulties while breathing you should immediately call or visit the doctor, even if the child is older than 3 years since it could be a symptom of a bacterial infection.