The Benefits Of Washing Your Face With Baking Soda

Visible pores around the nose are a common phenomenon in many people. Furthermore, in this case, a lot of of dirt enters the open pores and causes the appearance of blackheads and acne. Generally, larger pores appear much more often in case of oily skin or t- zone, than in case of dry skin.

However, the pores are part of the skin, and they cannot be eliminated, but they can be reduced in size. In order to achieve that, you won’t need any expensive cosmetics,lotionsandcreams.

We will show you the most effective, natural and cheap way to reduce the size of your pores.

Watch the following video for a detailed explanation.

Angela Minji Kim is a popular YouTube user, who demonstrated how to use baking soda and how to successfully make the skin pores smaller. Besides, baking soda is also very helpful in eliminatingthe dead skin, dirt and the cells buildup on the face.

The following video will answer all your questions! It is very  interesting and very useful! You must watch it!