Woman’s Butt Implants Explode During Her Squat Routine!

According to a witness, Serena Beuford,the 27-year-old Instagram star is in a coma because her butt implants popped while she was exercising at her Boston gym. This happened while she was filming herself doing her famous squats with herwell-known 64-inch butt cheeks for the Instagram profile.

As her sister said, she was trying to gain much more reputation and more fame with her unusual physique that was already drawing a lot of attention in the local gym. Apparently, when the implants exploded, it could be hearda loud popping noise, and a few minutes laterthe girl collapsed.

She was taken to a hospital right awaywhere she will undergo an extensive surgical procedure, because the implants that exploded caused serious damage to her colon, rectumand lower intestines. Selena got her implants from an unlicensed clinic which is currently under a big investigation.

However, the legitimacy of thisalready dramatized story is under some big questioning. There are experts, such as Douglas Steinbrech, which is a board certified plastic surgeon, who say that implants cannot really pop. As he says, implants are not like balloons, and they contain fluid which stays in the body for many hours before it can be resorbed by the body, so the immediate deflation described above, is just not possible.

Since we are not able to prove what really happened to Serena, we are left with only one very simple and very important conclusion: don’t get your implants from a non-licensed surgeonin a suspicious-looking clinic. Don’t take stupid risks with your body just for popularity, since procedures like this may turn out to be so dangerous to your healthor even deadly.


Update: This story about the Boston girl in a coma after her butt implants exploded during her working out at a gym is a fake! The story is circling after it was first published on NewsWatch33.com, which is a fake news site.

SOURCE: http://www.fitnessandpower.com/